Don and Barbara Fallick

Gentle text and charming photographs make this true story from yesteryear an educational and enjoyable experience.

Carolyn Wing Greenlee, author of fifteen books, including the Eternal River series,

a six-generation memoir of her

Chinese-American family

This is a delightful story that not only keeps the reader's attention, but passes on a wonderful family tradition that could be continued today.

Cliff Harris, Programming Director,

This is the Place Heritage Park

The story is endearing and the illustrations artfully done."

Heidi, mother

"I like that it's a true story and it's the family of the people in the story that made the book."

Carly D., 8-year-old child

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Elizabeth and the Potato Dolly is a nostalgic look at yesteryear too precious to sweep into the dustbin of history. It is sure to charm all lovers of Americana from ages three to one hundred and three. Unique among pioneer stories with its reenactment at a living history museum, the book's artfully done photographs add authenticity.

Elizabeth is sent to the root cellar to fetch potatoes for her Poppa’s dinner. When she doesn’t return promptly, her mother repeatedly calls but “Elizabeth does not answer and Elizabeth does not come.” This parallelism tickles young readers as does Mama’s elongated calling, “Eliiiiii-zabeth.” The children become intrigued to know what has become of Elizabeth.